New Projects

Rapid Hepatitis C Test in Action

New Counseling/Testing/Linkage Database for Service Provision and Program Reporting

Providing effective Hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing and linkage requires more than counting tests and results. Staff need access to client-level data to provide quality service through the continuum of care. Managers need reliable data to measure and improve performance and project reporting requirements.


This is where HealthPro can help! HealthPro has a custom designed database to support both your client service delivery and data collection/evaluation objectives. 


Security: Double password protected to prevent unauthorized access. First password decrypts database. Second password allows user to enter software screens.

Interface: Intuitive interface is easy for both end-users and admins to learn.

Benefits: Track client-level demographic, risk factor, test, test result, linkage, and more. Send email and text messages directly from software.

Admin: Control user access. Export de-identified data to a spreadsheet for evaluation and reporting needs.  


See snapshot of the client data screen Take a 4-minute video tour
healthpro ctl screenshot healthpro ctl screenshot

Installation, training and support:

Contact Andi Thomas at 954.692.0450 a.s.a.p. to discuss how HealthPro can help your organization. 


Ongoing Projects

877-HELP-4-HEP: National HepC Helpline

HealthPro worked with several hepatitis C organizations throughout 2011 to launch a national hepatitis C support, education, and care linkage helpline in February 2012.


HealthPro's consulting work included partnership structuring, service development, standardizing health messaging, and deploying technology solutions. HealthPro is now the helpline's Managing Parter as well as Technology & Evaluation Partner.


Visit The Support Partnership website to learn how this client-centered service can expand your organization's resources.  Contact Andi or Denny Simon (Hepatitis C Association) at 908-812-2488 to learn more.  


Below are screenshots of the peer-counselor Wiki providing that provices structure for the counselor's disease-specific messaging.


wikimain tspwikicore tspwikisearch
Main Page 
Core Messages
Search Feature



Recently Completed Projects

Database Development

HIMS Gets a Facelift

himsAfter 16 years of faithful service at Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health, the Health Information Management System was due for a little nip-tuck.  The new user interface was customized specifically for the new national 877-HELP-4-HEP  helpline launched February 2012.  Take a video tour! (Make sure you "oooohh" and  "ahhhhh". She looks great!)

Nature's Own Chiropractic

nomainNature's Own Chiropractic CEO, Dr. Michael Levine, asked Andi for a way to bridge the gap between lead generation, conversion and retention. The result is a custom Patient Relationship Management system. Now Dr. Levine has the analytical tools to measure the return on the practice's various marketing efforts as well as tools to track patient retention, treatment plan adherance, and more! Andi designed this software to stand on it's own today and to work in tandem with an electronic medical records system that will be installed in the future.


"I first want to say that the personal attention you gave me was unparalleled to any company I've had prior.  Your ability to give me exactly what I want has been amazing.  I also appreciate the ease of learning the program...not being a computer "geek", it sure makes my life easier.  As I continue forward I know that I can count on you for any changes or updates that may be needed.  I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know.  Thanks again." 

Dr. Michael Levine

noleaddet noleadent noleadrpt nopat
Lead Record
Quick Lead
Update / Notes
Lead Report
by Event/Campaign
Patient Treatment
Plan Tracker

 Unilab Express

uniUnilab Express multi-location healthcare laboratory providing thousands of lab tests direct-to-consumers and employers.  Andi met with Unilab Express's COO, Alper Behar, and mapped out a full database structure over a long lunch. 


Unilab now has a fully featured software that manages the laboratory test roster, test pricing, invoicing, and statments, and prints requisitions with detailed specimen collection and handling instructions for phlebotomy staff.